EMBO Workshop: Predicting evolution

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 -
Friday, July 14, 2023
12am - 12am
EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Advances in genome sequencing and gene editing tools are providing unprecedented insights into biological mechanisms and evolutionary processes. In parallel, computational and theoretical approaches are providing new insights into our understanding of these new data. A goal for this conference is to unite people across theoretical and experimental backgrounds into a coherent focus on “predicting evolution”.

The conference will explore the evolution of biological systems at different levels: from genes and molecules to organism development and ecology. As such, we have invited leaders in their respective fields across various scales of evolution: molecular, network, microbial, developmental, and community. Particular emphasis for this conference will be placed on understanding evolution through mechanistic biology. We will explore recent advances in experimental and theoretical approaches to study how genetic and non-genetic changes drive and constrain evolution. The meeting will offer a training ground and productive learning experience for attendees, and provide networking opportunities for scientists across disciplines relevant to evolutionary biology. It should be of particular interest to those working at the interface of evolution, quantitative genetics, development, and systems biology.

Session topics
Predicting the evolution of molecules
Predicting regulatory network evolution
Predicting microbial evolution
Prediction population evolution
Predicting community evolution

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