Human Technopole

Human Technopole is Italy’s new research institute for life sciences.

Through an interdisciplinary approach based on the creation and sharing of knowledge, Human Technopole promotes innovation in the healthcare sector and aims at improving human health and well-being.

Once fully operational the institute will employ 1,500 people including over 1,000 scientists across a range of fields: biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science who will have over 35,000 square metres of laboratory space to work together on research activities of biomedical relevance.

Human Technopole aims to increase public and private investments in scientific research and to be actively involved in the promotion of scientific knowledge by strengthening the message that science is a global public good. 

At Human Technopole, we offer the opportunity to be part of a new, dynamic research institute promoting a highly collaborative and international working environment.

We aim to attract the best resources in each field with a selection based on merit and transparency as we believe that highly diverse teams produce the best and most innovative results.

If you are a passionate person who likes to seize great challenges, consider applying for one of our scientific or administrative vacancies (link).

Current Opportunities (5 jobs)