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Sanofi Institute for Biomedical Research


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We are as a leading global healthcare company. At Sanofi, we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. Our footprints cover more than 100 countries around the world. Today, we are one company, driven by a unifying purpose and a common ambition. We believe our cutting-edge science and manufacturing, fueled by data and digital technologies, have the potential to transform the practice of medicine, turning the impossible into possible for millions of people around the world.


On April 13, 2021, we inaugurated Sanofi Institute for Biomedical Research (SIBR) in Suzhou Industrial Park. SIBR is the fourth global research institute established by Sanofi after France, Germany and the United States, and also the first global research institute in China.


SIBR is Sanofi’s first research and translational medicine laboratory in China. We are building a world-class team to pursue basic research and therapeutics development in the areas of immunology, oncology, and inflammation. We will accelerate basic research and drug development to meet the urgent medical needs in these areas.


SIBR will establish close collaborations with scientists in universities, research institutions, and biopharmaceutical companies, to discover new biology underlying human diseases, to identify new therapeutic targets, and to develop large and small molecule drugs to treat these diseases. We intend to work closely with our colleagues in China and around the world to turn SIBR into an innovation powerhouse in creating therapeutics to improve the health and life of people. 


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