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National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)


250-999 employees

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About NIMS

NIMS is the sole public institution in Japan committed to materials and materials research. From metals and ceramics to polymers and lightweight materials, NIMS has been at the forefront of advancing people's lives and human development through innovative research and the development of a diverse range of materials.

NIMS has a history of more than 65 years, encompassing its two pioneering institutions: the National Research Institute for Metals (established in 1956) and the National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (established in 1966). Both institutes were established with the primary goal of conducting materials research and development to support various industries, contributing to the swift revitalization of Japanese industry after World War II. In 2001, these two laboratories were merged to form the unified entity known as NIMS.

Over the past 65 years, global industries and economies, including those in Japan, have undergone significant transformations. The roles of science, technology, and research institutes have evolved considerably. Nevertheless, the fundamental importance of materials research as the cornerstone of all industries persists. There are, of course, researchers who maintain a profound passion for their work. Leveraging our history in materials research, we are dedicated to addressing challenges in the environment, energy, medicine, infrastructure, and other domains, with the goal of contributing to the future well-being of humankind.

Changing the world through creative approaches

NIMS has been making serious data-driven materials research efforts. This new approach improves R&D efficiency by making more effective use of data on materials. For example, the NIMS materials data platform DICE provides high-quality data and applications to both NIMS and external researchers.

To promote its ability to produce revolutionary research results, NIMS allows its researchers to allocate 50% of their time and effort (i.e., 50% of their annual working hours) to independent research in pursuit of their personal research interests. Researchers who have improved their research capabilities through independent research are likely to make great contributions to NIMS’ missions.

The state of the art lab equipments

Materials research is impossible without proper lab equipment. NIMS has a wide array of cutting-edge equipment—including very rare, valuable instruments—enabling it to offer one of the best materials research environments in the world.

Comfortable and secure environment for researchers

NIMS is based in Tsukuba (i.e., Tsukuba Science City) in Ibaraki Prefecture. While Tsukuba is a well-developed city with many research organizations, private companies and stores, it also has a wealth of natural beauty, including large parks and Mount Tsukuba. Living there enables researchers to enjoy urban convenience and natural splendor at the same time.

・Easy access from the Tokyo metropolitan area

It takes only 45 minutes from Tsukuba Station to Akihabara Station by the fastest train.

・Convenient location for collaborating with other research organizations

Tsukuba is home to 29 national universities and research institutions.

・Satisfying your relaxation and shopping needs

Many stores and public parks

・Emergency medical services available

You can see a doctor even at night or on weekends.

・A plenty of educational events and intercultural opportunities for children

Great setting for raising and educating children