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Anhui University

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Anhui University is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, which is a famous historical and cultural city known as “the home of the Three Kingdoms, hometown of Bao Zheng, first capital of the Changjiang-Huaihe region, and communications hub between the State of Wu and the State of Chu”. It is a “Double First-class” university in the world and one of the first batch of universities included in the national “Project 211” construction. Jointly established by the People’s Government of Anhui Province, the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, Anhui University is a provincial key comprehensive university.

In 1928, Anhui University was founded in Anqing, the capital of Anhui Province at that time, pioneering modern higher education in Anhui and continuing the essence of the Confucian culture in the Changjiang-Huaihe region. After several changes of location, the University was moved to Hefei in 1956. It was renamed several times, until Mao Zedong inscribed the name “Anhui University” on September 16, 1958, which was designated as the university’s anniversary day. As an institution of higher learning with red revolutionary traditions, Anhui University has been operating for nearly 100 years. During this period, Anhui University has taken the responsibility of national rejuvenation, adhered to the schooling ideal of “focusing on cultural confidence as the primary driving force for Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation”, and obeyed the university motto spirit of “being extremely sincere and determined, learning widely, and practicing earnestly”. Having cultivated more than 320,000 excellent graduates for the Communist Party of China and the country, Anhui University has the largest number of graduates, the widest distribution and the greatest influence in Anhui Province, and is known as the “vanguard and leader” of provincial universities.


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