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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

A hub of Research & Innovation to serve Africa

Africa is a continent that has so much untapped potential – from its rich agricultural farming landscape and young population to its ascending digitization and rapidly growing start-up business culture. University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) builds on this strong foundation, with research and academic programs designed to create tangible value and promote Africa’s wealth of opportunity on the world stage; championing African solutions to global challenges. UM6P is oriented towards applied research and innovation, with a focus on African development. The university is a center of excellence, committed to training a new generation of leaders that will build the Africa of tomorrow.

The Role Of UM6P Within Morocco And Africa

African Solutions to Global Challenges

UM6P is committed to African excellence and places a high priority on shared values across its broader community.

Knowing there is much to learn from its educational counterparts across the continent, UM6P is currently engaged in 12 partnerships with other universities, with a view to build a two-way relationship of learning and support. Together, the aim is to continually work to solve the continent’s challenges and empower Africa’s collective development.

Championing Africa’s Future

Africa boasts many defining factors that prove its strength and future potential, for example, it’s not commonly known that Africa is home to more than 60% of the world’s arable lands. Similarly, the youthful population within Africa is not widely recognised as being a core strength of the continent.

With more than 60% of Africans being under the age of 25, and with rising digital penetration rates, many young Africans are now fueling the rapidly growing start-up business scene.

Through the multi-campus institutes such as ASARI (African Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute) in Laayoune, and 1337, Coding School in Benguerir, which focus on these unique areas of growth, UM6P continues to unite Moroccans and Africans to enable them to contribute to the development of the continent. If Africa can continue to harness opportunities such as these, it will enable the continent to one day become a powerhouse that is recognized for its unique position and strengths.