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Recruitment of Global High-level Talents of Harbin Medical University

1. School Profile

Harbin Medical University (HMU) was founded in 1926 by Dr. Wu Lien-teh, a pioneer of modern Chinese medicine who participated in the founding of Union Medical College. Successfully controlling the world-shocking Manchurian Plague in 1910, Dr. Wu was also the first in the world to propose the concept of pneumonic plague, the first to introduce face mask-wearing to the Chinese to prevent infectious diseases, as well as the first Nobel Prize nominee of Chinese descent.

HMU is among the first batch of higher medical education institutions, piloted by the Ministry of Education, which offer seven-year-programs. Approved by the Ministry of Education and the National Health Commission, the university is an innovative unit for training high-level application-oriented public health talents, the Chinese chairman unit of Association of Sino-Russian Medical University a ministry-province co-constructed medical university, as well as a high-level university constructed by Heilongjiang Province. The first in China to pass the “Pilot Evaluation of the Global Medical Education Accreditation”, HMU exerts considerable influence on the medical education, medical service and scientific research in China. The volume of its affiliated hospitals occupies high ground in the three provinces in northeastern China, and has certain advantages in the medical and health industry.

With 18 secondary departments and 8 public institutions, the university has 9 first-level and 63 second-level discipline authorization points for doctoral degrees, 11 first-level and 66 second-level discipline authorization points for master’s degrees, and 5 mobile stations for post-doctoral research. It has 2 national key disciplines, 1 national key discipline (nurture), 33 national key clinical specialty construction projects, and 21 provincial key disciplines (groups). In the fourth round of discipline accreditation, 1 discipline is ranked among the A category and 8 in B. There are also 12 state-level first-class discipline construction sites and 2 provincial-level first-class discipline construction sites, as well as 2 joint laboratories of international cooperation, 1 ministry-province co-constructed key laboratory nurturing base, 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 3 key laboratories of the National Health Commission, 18 provincial-level key laboratories, and 11 key university laboratories of Heilongjiang Province.

Over the years, HMU has cultivated and nurtured medical talents. Academician Yu Weihan, who has made major breakthroughs in the research on the etiology and pathogenesis of Keshan Disease, proposed the nutritional biogeochemical theory of the etiology of Keshan Disease that is widely accepted by the scientific community both at home and abroad. Using this theory to promote the prevention and treatment of Keshan Disease, he brought the disease under control throughout the country, controlling the condition in northeastern China and saving the lives of 124 million patients living in the Keshan Disease area. Professor Xia Qiuming, the first in China to lead the theory of cold blood potassium myocardial protection in the last century, performed the orthotopic heart transplantation with the longest survival time domestically. To treat M3 leukemia, Professor Zhang Tingdong has developed an innovative arsenic trioxide treatment method with an effective rate of 90%. Academician Yang Baofeng is the one to discover new targets for anti-arrhythmic drugs. Academician Zhang Xue discovered pathogenic genes of multiple monogenic diseases and DNA rearrangements of genomic diseases.

At the moment, the university has 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 6 members of the “Ten Thousand Talents Program” of the Organization Department of the Central Committee, 1 recipient of the Nightingale Medal, 3 members of the Disciplinary Review Panel of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 4 State-level Distinguished Teachers, 10 finalists of the “New Century Talents Program” of the Ministry of Education, 2 recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 recipient of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 15 Yangtze River Scholars and 90 people entitled to special government allowances from the State Council.

Since 2020, HMU has been approved for the discipline of intelligent medical engineering to explore new cultivation models for medical talents, and has established the Harbin Medical University Medical Center (New Campus), the Wu Lien-teh Biomedical Innovation Research Institute, and the Heilongjiang Institute of Public Health. The university also received a special funding of 500 million yuan to invest in the preparation of a new scientific research technology platform with a total construction area of 90138.52 square meters, which includes P3 laboratories, a center for experimental animals and PI laboratories. Aiming at new medical science construction and accelerating the accumulation and cultivation of talents in short supply, funding projects such as the “Chief Scientist Program” and the “Young Marshal Program” have been implemented to fully support introduced talents in their application for projects and state-level talent programs, and encourage young scholars to break disciplinary barriers and promote interdisciplinarity.

HMU keeps enhancing its comprehensive strength, perfecting its hardware facilities and expanding its business platform to attract and cultivate talents with a more proactive, open and enterprising attitude. For high-level talents who come to work in HMU, the university accordingly provides PI laboratories ranging from 40-130 square meters and related supporting treatments, and offers the best possible conditions and convenience for the employment of talents’ spouses and the education of their children.


2. Contact information

Harbin Medical University is introducing talents all over the world. Outstanding talents are welcome to contact HMU.

If you are interested, please send your resume to 1955963271@qq.com or call 0451-86661657.

Contact: Yu Yunmiao

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