Shantou University Medical College (SUMC)

Shantou University Medical College

In a charming place over the shore of the South China Sea, sits an energetic Shantou University Medical School (SUMS for short), young in age but profound in depth. With the full support from leaders at all levels and Mr. Li Ka-shing (one of modern China’s greatest patriots), SUMC has rapidly developed into a rising star among medical schools in China, by taking its unique advantages and seizing timely opportunities.

So far, SUMS has obtained the authorization of 3 doctoral programs of the first-level disciplines, 1 doctoral programs of the second-level disciplines, 5 master’s programs of the first-level disciplines and 4 professional degrees, together with 3 post-doctoral research stations. Besides, it has 1 national key discipline and 4 provincial key disciplines, while clinical medicine of SUMS has even become the top 1% of ESI in the world.

SUMC has five affiliated hospitals (the First Affiliated Hospital of SUMH, the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUMH, Shantou University Mental Health Center, Cancer Hospital of SUMH, STU/CUHK Joint Shantou International Eye Center), 1 dental clinic and 3 clinical colleges (Shenzhen Children’s Hospital Clinical College, Luohu Clinical College, and Yuebei Clinical College). Among them, the First Affiliated Hospital of SUMH was selected as one of the first key units of the “Summit Plan” for the construction of high-level hospitals in Guangdong Province. Now, it is one of the first national standardized training bases for resident doctors in China, and the national clinical training base for general practitioners (in East Guangdong). There are also 2 directly associated partner hospitals, 4 non-directly associated partner hospitals and 18 teaching hospitals.

SUMC pays great attention to international cooperation. Particularly after 2009, we have cooperated with the University of Alberta (Canada), the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), the University of Sassari (Italy), Edith Cowan University (Australia), and Chiang Mai University (Thailand). We have established cooperation and exchanges with more than 70 colleges/ universities and scientific research institutions in 16 countries and regions.

In SUMC, there are 4 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 2 key laboratories of the Provincial Health Department, 2 provincial key laboratories of colleges and universities, 1 International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Guangdong Province, and 3 international scientific and technological cooperation and innovation platforms for universities in Guangdong. In 2019, SUMC launched a construction project of scientific research center to promote the discipline development and enhance the teaching and research level comprehensively. Donated by the Li Ka-shing Foundation with a total investment of 500 million yuan, the project is expected to be completed and put to use before the end of 2021. Serving as an important work platform for SUMC’s discipline construction and talent cultivation, the new research center will lay a solid foundation for promoting the integration of multiple disciplines and achieving leapfrog development.

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