The HIT Center for Life Sciences (HCLS)

The HIT Center for Life Sciences (HCLS) was founded in 2016, which is a new strategic development of the university. As the first special academic zone of HIT, HCLS runs its graduate program and enjoys unparalleled freedom in research, personnel employment, and financial flexibility within the university. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), has been set up, which consists of authoritative life science scholars with international prestige, who support the development of HCLS in the field of life sciences from around the world. HCLS recruits outstanding young scientists from all over the world and provides an internationally competitive start-up package.

HCLS has cutting-edge research facilities, such as Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform, Imaging Platform, Mass Spectrometry Platform, Nuclear Magnetic Technology Platform, SPF Laboratory Animal Room, etc. The service sharing platforms provide analysis, testing, and other services inside and outside school.

HCLS is committed to being a world-class fundamental life science research institution in China. HCLS is delighted to welcome talented and ambitious young PIs to join us to enjoy exciting scientific discoveries and have fun.

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