Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI)

The Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI), established in Beijing in 2016, is an independent, not-for-profit organization devoted to addressing global health challenges and tackling the most pressing disease crises that disproportionately affect the developing world, such as tuberculosis and malaria.

GHDDI is committed to developing a transformative drug discovery and translational platform to drive innovations in pharmaceutical R&D and accelerate the translation of biomedical research into new drugs. It seeks to develop sustainable models for translational research through new mechanisms and policies. Furthermore, it promotes collaborations across disciplines and organizations to bring long-term impact on academic research, the healthcare industry and people around the world.

An innovative partnership

GHDDI is the first drug R&D centre of its kind in China, featuring a unique three-way partnership highlighting international collaboration, multi-institution alliance, and public-private interaction. The institute’s founding partners – Tsinghua University, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), and the Beijing Municipal Government – work together to provide funding, global resources, as well as project collaboration, operational and policy support.

A novel research set-up

GHDDI will develop significant and capable resources that combine modular drug discovery infrastructure (e.g., Structural Biology/ Protein Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Lead Generation, CADD & AIDD, DMPK & Toxicology, and Preclinical & Clinical Research) with disease-specific expertise from the biomedical research community. By running a portfolio with diverse projects for various diseases, a stream of drug candidates will be moved through drug discovery and pre-clinical development into first-in-human testing. For drug candidates that have successfully completed first-in-human studies, GHDDI will partner with organizations specializing in product development for further clinical development.

Join GHDDI to make a difference in global health

GHDDI is seeking talented scientists and staff to join its growing team. The following outstanding career opportunities are available for highly motivated and talented individuals who share GHDDI’s vision and are committed to making a difference in science and human health. Disease areas include but are not limited to: TB, Malaria and pan anti-virus.

    1. Chief Scientific Officer
    2. Disease Biologist (various levels), Disease Biology
    3. Scientist/ Investigator (Host Immune Defense), Disease Biology
    4. Scientist/ Investigator (Biochemist & Molecular Biologist), Disease Biology
    5. Scientist/ Investigator (Biological Chemist & Pharmacologist), Disease Biology
    6. Microbiologist & Immunologist (various levels), Disease Biology
    7. Parasitologists & Microbiogist (various levels), Disease Biology
    8. Research Associate (Parasitic), Disease Biology
    9. Veterinary Research Associate (Comparative Medicine), Disease Biology
    10. Research Associate (Microbiologist), Disease Biology
    11. Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
    12. Investigator and above, Medicinal Chemistry
    13. Research Associate, Medicinal Chemistry
    14. Scientist/ Investigator, Computational Chemistry
    15. Institute Fellow/ Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Computational Chemistry
    16. Head of Preclinical and Early Clinical Development
    17. DMPK, Platform
    18. Scientist/ Investigator (Assay Development), Lead Generation
    19. Scientist/ Investigator (Compound Management), Lead Generation
    20. HTS Automation (various levels), Lead Generation
    21. Manager & Sr. Manager, R&D External Innovation
    22. Assistant to CSO

* Work Location: Beijing, China.

Please visit for more information. If interested, please submit your CV with a cover letter and publications to Format of the Email Subject: Position Name + Applicant Name. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview.

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