Shenzhen Technology University

With the strong financial support and favorable policies from Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) aims to be a world-class university of applied sciences and technology. It is located in Pingshan District of Shenzhen and the total campus area will be approximately 150 hectares.

To meet the urgent demand from the local and domestic industrial escalation, SZTU will be committed to producing senior engineers, designers, and talents of applied sciences with craftsmanship. SZTU aims to be an open and innovative university with a global outlook. To reach this goal, SZTU will conduct extensive cooperation with industries and institutions of research and education in the world. Currently it has established cooperative relationship with universities of applied sciences in multiple countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands.

By learning from universities of applied sciences in Germany, ZTU will implement a government-enterprise-university collaboration model in teaching. The university is geared to meet the demands of high-end manufacturing industry with the orientation of employment and entrepreneurship. It is based on enhancing the capacity of engineering, practice and innovation. SZTU will explore a mode of universities of applied sciences in China by joining efforts between universities and industries, between teaching and production, between learning and practice.

At the beginning, SZTU plans to open six schools: Advanced Manufacturing, Big Data and Internet , Urban Transport and Logistics, New Materials and New Energies, Health Science and Environmental Engineering, and Design and Innovation.

SZTU will recruit excellent professors with rich practical experiences. Publishing of papers will not be the key criteria for assessment of teachers, while the ability to educate students to solve actual problems for enterprises, businesses and industries will be much more important. Full-time teachers are required to have at least six months’ practical experience in enterprises every five years.

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