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Situated in the city of Wuxi in and the center of the economically most-developed Yangtze River Delta, Jiangnan University (JU) is one of China’s national key “211 Project” and “Double First-rate Discipline Project” universities and functions directly under China’s Ministry of Education. Its roots may stretch back to San Jiang Normal School, founded in 1902, which later renamed National Central University and Nanjing University. In 1958, the Department of Food Technology of Nanjing Institute of Technology moved to Wuxi and established Wuxi Institute of Light Industry which was renamed Wuxi University of Light Industry in 1995. In 2001, JU was formed by the combination of Wuxi University of Light Industry, Jiangnan College and Wuxi Education College and merged Donghua University, Wuxi in 2003.

To reach the goal of being a distinctive research university, JU’s mission is to “highlight the advantage in light industry, serve the national economy and the people’s livelihood, innovate talents training mode and cultivate the elites of industries”. Now JU consists of 18 schools with 10 disciplines. JU boasts 6 Post-doctoral Research Stations and is entitled to confer doctoral degrees in 6 class-one programs and master degrees in 26 class-one programs and in 5 specialized programs. It has 8 national engineering research centers, 39 laboratories at the ministerial and provincial level and 6 bases of “111 Project”.

JU has 20122 full-time undergraduates, 8329 postgraduates and 1276 oversea students. The faculty team consists of 1901 members, and 64.8% of them are professors and associate professors. Also there are 2 academicians of China Academy of Engineering, 16 faculties supported by 1000 Global Experts Project, 14 supported by 10000 Leading Talent Project and 19 honored as Cheung Kong Scholars. Besides, there are 14 winners achieving National Outstanding Youth Foundation and Excellent Youth Foundation, 1 winning the title as chief scientist of “973 Project” and 7 faculties selected by the “New Century Talents Project” in the team. In JU there are 36 research teams totally supported by the founding from ministries as well as the provinces. JU has developed the cooperation with 125 universities and institutes from 25 countries and regions.

Our two disciplines —The Light Industry Technology and Engineering and Food Science and Engineering are entered the list of “Double First–rate Discipline Project”. They ranked A+ in the 4th National Discipline Evaluation, and Designing ranked A- as well. In the ESI Global Impact Assessment ranking, Engineering, Agriculture, Biology and Biochemistry and Chemistry are listed as the first 1% and particularly Agriculture Science is listed as the first 1‰. JU ranked 777 in the world (53 in China) from the U.S News 2017 and ranked 50 in China by China Academy of Management Science.

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Li Lei, Zhou Chunjiang,

Tel: +86-510-85913966, +86-510-85913150

E-mail: jnzp@jiangnan.edu.cn


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