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Ningbo University is an institution jointly developed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Zhejiang provincial government and the Ningbo municipal government. It was selected for the national ‘Double First-Class’ educational initiative, and was one of the first five key universities selected by Zhejiang Province. Ningbo University is ranked among the top 100 Chinese universities for academic excellence.

The university comprises 21 Faculties, covering including economics, laws, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, clinic medicine, management and arts. It has 7 class-A subjects and 6 class-B subjects rated first-class provincially. Its Engineering Science, Clinical Medicine, Chemistry and Material Science are ranked among the world’s top 1% according to ESI subject ranking. Now Ningbo University offers 6 class-one doctoral programs, 45 class-two doctoral programs and 3 postdoctoral research stations, as well as 30 class-one master’s programs, 23 professional master’s degree programs and 75 undergraduate programs. The university is qualified to accept master’s students with exam exemption, and to recruit international students funded by Chinese government scholarships, as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao and Tai Wan. Currently, the university has around 16,000 full-time undergraduate students, 6,700 masters and 2,600 international students (including more than 1,600 students for academic degree programs).

The University employs over 2,720 staff members and over 1,750 teachers and researchers. More than 390 have senior professional titles and 790 have associate senior professional titles, and over 1,030 staff hold a PhD degree. Moreover, the university has one Chinese Academy of Science academician, one Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, one member of the Academy of Royal Society of Canada and one member of The Third World Academy of Sciences. Furthermore, among Ningbo University’s faculty, there are 2 members of the State Council Discipline Appraisal Group, 5 members of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (Thousand Talents Program), 8 selected for the New Century Talents Project, 3 for the Ten Thousand Talent Program—including 2 in the Science and Technology Innovation section and 1 in Humanities & Social sciences, 1 selected for ‘the four first batch’ Talents, 3 Distinguished Chair Professors in the Changjiang Scholars Programme, 2 winners of the National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, 16 experts receiving the special government allowance, 4 winners of the Outstanding Youth Science Funds, 17 supported by the Ministry of Education’s Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 3 teachers supported by the Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE, 1 ‘provincial special grade professor’, 15 experts in the ‘Thousand Talents Program’ of Zhejiang Province and 12 Special-Term Professors of Qianjiang Scholars.

With the motto of ‘seeking truth from facts and applying knowledge to the service of the nation’, Ningbo University is working hard to become a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and sincerely invites talented scholars from around the world to join us achieving remarkable things.


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