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Welcome to the University College London (UCL) Employer Hub

London, UK

1000+ employees

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Who we are

UCL is a diverse global community of world-class academics, students, industry links, external partners, and alumni. Our powerful collective of individuals and institutions work together to explore new possibilities.

UCL's vision and impact

Our distinctive approach to research, education and innovation seeks to further inspire our communities to transform how the world is understood, how knowledge is created and shared, and the way that global problems are solved.

What UCL has to offer

UCL has always done things differently. As the first English university to champion inclusivity, diversity and open mindedness, we have never been afraid to rethink the norms of education and research. 

Life at UCL, London

Our position in London brings unique benefits, providing all with access to a wealth of opportunities, and enabling us to contribute to everything that makes it one of the world's greatest cities. Come and discover UCL with our visits and tours.