Zhejiang Lab

Zhejiang Lab

Zhejiang Lab sits in Hangzhou, a picturesque international metropolis. On September 6, 2017, it was co-founded by the world-ranking Zhejiang University and innovative enterprises. At present, it has become one of the top research institutes in China. The Lab has abundant funds, perfect conditions and pleasant environment, covering an area of 90.5 hectares (1,358mu), with a planned total construction area of about 2 million square meters.

Focusing on five areas including intelligent computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent perception, intelligent networks, and intelligent systems, Zhejiang Lab carries out research on cutting-edge and fundamental topics, explores key technologies, develops core systems, and builds large-scale technology infrastructure and major research platforms. After about five years’ development, the Lab has formed a high-level talent team of nearly 3,000 people, and has made a number of world-leading scientific research achievements in relevant fields.

Guided by the vision of supporting the development of a smart society in the future, the Lab is committed to recruiting the world’s top talents, cultivating first-class scientists, exploring major scientific inventions and discoveries, and building a world-leading base for fundamental research, technological innovation and achievement transformation. Meanwhile, the Lab actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation through launching big science programs and other ways, and contributes to global scientific and technological innovation.

In the next five years, the Lab aspires to achieve a number of original outputs with international influence to consolidate its systematical strength in the fields of intelligent computing, intelligent perception, and artificial intelligence. Then the Lab is expected to have 10,000 employees, working together to build a world-class research and experiment center for intelligent perception, a world-class AI tech innovation center, a word-class research center for intelligence science and technology, a world-leading foundational research and innovation hub for intelligent computing.

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