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Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Study, UCAS

hangzhou ins of adv study

Located in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Study, UCAS, referred to as "Hangzhou Advanced Institute") is nestled by the picturesque West Lake. It is a new type of educational and research institution that was established in 2019 and jointly sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on erudition, devotion, seeking truth, and fostering virtue, the institute upholds the tradition of combining science and education.


Embracing a philosophy of "high starting point, small yet refined", Hangzhou Advanced Institute prioritizes talent cultivation, scientific research, and innovation entrepreneurship. It aims to create a technology innovation ecosystem that integrates talent development, student education, research, and achievement transformation, focus on the world’s scientific and technological cutting edge and national development needs, boost the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research with scientific and technological innovation, and assist in the high-quality development of the regional economy and society.


Focusing on the four cutting-edge fields of physics and optoelectronics, life and health sciences, intelligent technology, and ecological environment, relying on 12 research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Studies has established 8 interdisciplinary secondary colleges, with 71 professor studios and 25 research platforms under its umbrella. It also has 2 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories.


As of May 2024, there are a total of 518 full-time faculty and staff members, including 340 teaching and research personnel and 178 administrative staff. Among the faculty, there are 279 professors, with 16 academicians, 80 national leading talents, and 102 national-level young talents. Among the full-time faculty, 11 national-level talents and 18 provincial and municipal-level high-level talents have been introduced and cultivated from both domestic and international sources. More than 3,000 master's and doctoral students have been enrolled.

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