Gusu Laboratory of Materials

Gusu Lab is a new type of R&D institution which is oriented to the field of materials, aiming at the national laboratory construction standards and world’s top level, serving the significant national strategic demand. Based on the existing scientific research and development requirements of Suzhou, Gusu Lab gathers domestic and foreign innovation resources and cooperats with scientific research institutes, universities and leading enterprises.

Established on June 30, 2020, Gusu Lab has been approved as “provincial scientific research institution” and the first batch of “Jiangsu laboratory”. Under the planning of 500 mu and 20 billion investment, Suzhou Industrial Park provides first-class support for our laboratory.

During the preparation time, Gusu Lab decided to take the two-wheel driving of “scientific and technological innovation” and “institutional innovation”. In order to break the traditional PI – Principal investigator (research group responsibility system) and explore the integrative innovative mode, Gusu Lab has established a demand-oriented process organization system, and has carried out advanced scientific research by innovating the system and gathering top experts. Breaking through the key core technology and building the strategic integrative innovative mode at full speed, Gusu Lab strives to build a world-class national strategic scientific force in the field of material and technology, and aims at becoming an international innovation source and national strategic science and technology innovation base of materials.

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