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Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

Munich, Germany

1000+ employees

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LMU Munich, one of Europe's leading research universities, seeks scholars and scientists of the first rank for research and teaching. Join us, and work in a multidisciplinary setting with state-of-the art infrastructure and an extensive international network.

Building on an over 550-year-tradition of scholarship, LMU covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from Natural Sciences and Medicine through Law, Economics and Social Studies to the Humanities and Cultural Studies.

The quality and experience of LMU’s faculty and staff form the basis for LMU’s distinguished record in research, outstanding performance in the German Excellence Strategy and consistently high rating in national and international rankings.

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Key Facts

  • 29 Nobel Laureates – from Conrad Röntgen in 1901 to Ferenc Krausz in 2023.

  • #1 German university in acquiring the highly endowned European Research Council grants

  • Worldwide partnership network with 600 excellent international Universities

  • Consistant outstanding performance in the German Excellence Strategy since its beginning in 2006

  • Integral part of the Munich research area – Germany’s most vibrant science and technology hub

Research profile

Six main profile areas overarching scientific questions and research topics:

  • Digits and Data

  • Earth and Environment

  • Languages and Cultures

  • Life and Health

  •  Physics

  •  Systems and Communities

LMU's research profile

Quantum Science – foundations for tomorrow’s technologies

Hopes in the quantum sciences are high. LMU explores the phenomena of the quantum world and their applications to pressing problems of our time.

Quantum Science at LMU

Artificial Intelligence – exploring the frontiers of knowledge

A central hub for highly innovative research in Europe, LMU Munich plays a key role in researching both opportunities and challenges of AI.

AI research at LMU

Work in a highly inspiring diverse community