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Milan, ITALY

250-999 employees

11 job openings


Improving human life and technology by investing in human health and prevention research is the ultimate goal of Human Technopole. We need to prevent and cure diseases to allow people of all ages to not only live longer, but also live better.

To accomplish its mission, HT’s research strives to unravel fundamental mechanisms relevant to human physiology and disease using a multi-scale systems biology approach, based on a combination of experimental research and theory, coupled with computational biology and Artificial Intelligence.



All activities at HT are carried out in line with international best practices and in respect of ethical values, deontological obligations, and professional standards. We recruit the best scientific talents through open international calls and meritocratic selection procedures. If you are a passionate individual who likes to seize great challenges, consider applying for one of our scientific or administrative vacancies.


HT values diversity and preserves it by supporting equity between all genders, ethnicities, and cultures. By promoting equality and integrating diversity, HT favours inclusion, to enable everyone to feel accepted and valued, while condemning any form of discrimination or harassment.


We believe that highly diverse teams yield the best and most innovative results.

All activities in HT are pursued in an open and collaborative way, by involving academics, clinicians, industry, and other relevant stakeholders to promote life science research and innovation broadly. Furthermore, HT engages in outward-facing scientific activities aimed at benefiting the national and international research community, such as offering services through shared facilities, opportunities for training and career development and outreach initiatives.


Promoting the importance of basic research and knowledge-based innovation as a pre-requisite for application is at the heart of all our scientific dissemination activities. These activities contribute to raising HT’s profile and sensitise society regarding the importance of basic science in making fundamental discoveries for human health and for advancing society in general.