KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


KAIST is the first and top science and technology university in Korea. In the wake of its 50th anniversary, KAIST is scaling up new research initiatives in order to become a ‘first mover.’ This is in line with its plan to pivot away from its previous role as a ‘fast follower,’ a role that led to Korea’s rapid industrialization.

Established in 1971 by the Korean government, KAIST was tasked with the very clear institutional mission to make innovations that would drive the country’s economic growth engine, especially in the fields of ICT and electronics. KAIST has fully achieved its institutional mission, creating a very successful educational model that is now being benchmarked by many other countries.

Turning 50 years old in 2021, its R&D strategy has shifted to focus on creating global value for the future. Among others, the Global Singularity Research Project aims to identify the most critical projects which will make the biggest difference in people’s lives.

This innovative research project selects the two most creative and future-oriented research projects every year. Young researchers’ projects on new materials, neuro-rehabilitation, and brain function redesign selected as this research program will surely bring breakthroughs which will serve as game changers for the future.

KAIST Singularity Professor

Recently, KAIST launched a singularity professor System to support outstanding faculty capable of creating innovative technology and demonstrating academic originality, playing a leading role in overcoming challenges faced by humanity and driving developments in S&T and industries.

A Singularity Professorship is awarded to unusual faculty members who seek out the most intriguing academic disciplines with exceptional scholarship and unrivaled creativity. Every year, KAIST selects two or three professors for this special track with full-scale research funding for 10 years. Singularity Professors are selected either from existing faculty members or those newly recruited exclusively for this track

Not only persons being as full-time faculty at KAIST but also persons expecting to be appointed as full-time faculty, capable of pioneering new academic fields or establishing novel scientific theories, are highly welcome to apply for appointment as singularity professors

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