The Trivedi School of Biosciences, Ashoka University

Ashoka is India’s first Liberal Arts Research University, located near Delhi, wherein the humanities and social sciences are seamlessly integrated with the natural and mathematical sciences. It is recognized as a leading University in India attracting best academicians in all disciplines of human thoughts and creativity. Our vision is to build a world-class research university in the tradition of the Ivy League and the other top-ranked global institutions. Our objective is to create and nurture the next generation of leaders for India and the world.

Ashoka seeks to provide the highest quality of teaching in India through innovative pedagogy, distinctive curriculum and multidisciplinary focus. It offers undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programmes in Arts and Sciences, along with several unique interdisciplinary majors such as History and International Relations, and Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. Ashoka is committed to be inclusive and provide access to quality education to all deserving students, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability and/or their socio-economic background.

Bioscience Programme at Ashoka:

Built on the foundations of Chemistry and Physics and drawing upon the resources of other disciplines such as Data Sciences, Climate and Environmental studies, Social Sciences and Humanities, Biological Sciences at Ashoka would seek a unique direction and catalyse emergence of new areas of research. It employs emerging technologies (imaging, gene editing, synthetic biology) and AI/ML-based analyses to address fundamental questions in biology to translational work in the fields of biodiversity, environment and human diseases. The current focus is also on expertise, infrastructure and resources to build platform technologies for biomedical research and its applications.

Recently, Ashoka has established Trivedi School of Biosciences with the help of generous donation from Trivedi Family Foundation. It aims to put India on the world map of advanced research in synthetic biology, data science and other emerging technologies in biology. The School recognises the importance of contributing significantly to both discovery science and its applications towards addressing specific societal problems. The Trivedi School is committed to generously support resident and visiting/joint faculty to pursue high quality and high impact research programmes. The School envisions active national and international collaborations. The school is advised by a group of outstanding scientists from across the world; most of them working at the interphase of chemistry and biology. It is led by Nobel Laureate and President of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate Jack Szostak of Harvard University, James Collins of MIT, John Kuriyan of UC Berkeley, Satyajit Mayor of National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore and Ronald Vale of HHMI. The mission and vision of the Trivedi School of Biosciences is articulated here and here

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