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Tianjin University (TJU)


Introduction to Tianjin University

Tianjin University is the first modern university in China, with campuses at Weijin Road, Beiyang Garden, Binhai Industrial Research Institute, Fuzhou International Campus, and the Georgia Tech Shenzhen Campus. As a low-key and pragmatic prestigious institution, it has witnessed the development trajectory of modern higher education in China, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence.

Since its establishment in 1895, Tianjin University has consistently aligned itself with the nation's aspirations, responding to the mission of "strengthening the country through education" in each new era. Guided by the principles of outstanding education, the university has nurtured numerous outstanding talents, making significant contributions to the prosperity and progress of the nation.

After weathering a century of challenges, Tianjin University has evolved into a high-level research university with a robust faculty, distinctive academic features, top-tier educational quality, and research standards that rank among the best domestically, exerting considerable influence on the international stage.

Here, renowned experts gather, and virtuous individuals converge.

As a powerful support for talent cultivation, the university boasts a dynamic and experienced team of teachers, involving a great deal of outstanding talents from academia and top experts from the industrial sector.

Here, the disciplines excel, and the strength is substantial.

The latest 2023 China Subject Ranking results released by Times Higher Education (THE) on March 29th reveal that among all mainland Chinese universities, Tianjin University has a total of 58 selected disciplines, gaining the second in the rankings.

During the same period, QS also released its 13th World University Subject Rankings. Tianjin University continues to shine with a total of 14 disciplines making the list, among which Architecture and Built Environment ranked 30th globally.

Furthermore, the university has consistently adhered to the development philosophy of "strengthening engineering, emphasizing sciences, revitalizing humanities, and promoting medical sciences", all of which have directed to the establishment of a comprehensive disciplinary layout where engineering holds a prominent advantage, and the integration of science and engineering is balanced. The university's diverse disciplines, including economics, management, humanities, law, medicine, education, and arts, have coordinated development.

  • Currently, there are 47 master's degree programs in primary disciplines, 33 doctoral programs in primary disciplines, and 38 postdoctoral research stations.
  • "Double First Class" construction disciplines consist of  Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Management Science and Engineering.
  • 14 disciplines are ranked in the top 1% and 4 disciplines are in the top 1‰ according to ESI.

The continuous improvement of the level of disciplinary construction at Tianjin University is inseparable from the guaranteed support of national research funding. In 2022, Tianjin University received a total of over 4.2 billion RMB in actual science and technology funding, setting a new record compared to previous years. The university secured approval for 25 projects under the National Key Research and Development Program, 379 projects under the National Natural Science Foundation, and 4 major and key projects funded by the National Social Science Fund. This substantial financial support has propelled the university's research towards higher-quality development. From 2015 to 2020, Tianjin University has won a total of 26 national awards.

Here, the platforms are top-notch, and the research is cutting-edge.

A solid disciplinary foundation underpins top-notch platforms. Research platforms serve as crucial engines for technological innovation. Tianjin University boasts first-rate experimental facilities and research platforms that span various disciplinary fields.

National Key Laboratories (4):

State Key Laboratory of Engine Combustion

State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering

State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments

State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety

Ministry of Education Key Laboratories (10):

Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Processing Technology

Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Information Technology

Key Laboratory of Intelligent Power Grid

Key Laboratory of Green Synthesis and Transformation

Key Laboratory of Systems Bioengineering

Key Laboratory of Structural Theory and Equipment Design

Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Medium and Low Temperature Thermal Energy

Key Laboratory of Coastal Civil Engineering Structure and Safety

Key Laboratory of Organic Integrated Circuits

Key Laboratory of Complex Management Systems

Philosophy and Social Science Laboratory of the Ministry of Education

Tianjin Municipal Key Laboratories (33)

Existing Major Research Platforms:

National Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (1)

"2011" Collaborative Innovation Center (1)

National Applied Mathematics Center (1)

Ministry of Education Frontier Science Center (1)

National Field Scientific Observation Research Station (1)

National Energy Storage Technology Collaborative Innovation Platform (1)

National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base (3)

National Engineering (Technology) Research Center (3)

Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center (7)

Tianjin Municipal Engineering (Research) Center (26)

Provincial and ministerial-level humanities and social science research bases (28)


In October 2019, a major construction was officially initiated on a large-scale seismic engineering simulation research facility for a National Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructure.

The university has been approved to construct the Frontiers Science Center in Synthetic Biology, one of the first seven frontier science centers approved by the Ministry of Education in October 2019.

Ranging from national key laboratories to engineering technology research centers, from innovation and entrepreneurship bases to science and technology demonstration zones, Tianjin University has been providing comprehensive support and assurance for talents. The university also actively promotes academic exchanges and cooperation, establishing extensive partnerships with leading international universities and research institutions, offering research teams and individuals a broader platform and opportunities for development.

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