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Nature Masterclasses course on “Getting an academic research position”

Published on: 11 Apr 2023

“Getting an academic research position” is Nature Masterclasses’ newest on-demand course. It will show researchers how to get an academic research position that suits them perfectly. It will teach them the skills to find, select and apply to suitable roles, send tailored applications, and impress potential employers at the interview. “Getting an academic research position” was developed together international team of renowned researchers and Nature Portfolio journal Editors with extensive experience and expertise in hiring for academic positions, career development, researcher coaching, mentorship and graduate career services. This course is designed to equip researchers with all the tools they need to make rational, informed decisions about the next stage of their careers and to help them pursue their ambitions in a well-prepared, effective manner that will give them the best possible chance of success. It focuses on early career researchers applying for postdocs and faculty positions, but the advice and guidance provided in the course will still be useful and relevant to other career levels.

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