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Free course: Research Integrity - Publication Ethics

Published on: 5 Oct 2023

“Research Integrity: Publication Ethics” is Nature Masterclasses’ newest on-demand course. 

Integrity and ethics are uncompromisable values and lie at the heart of every research paper; for this reason, this course is made free for the public to access. 

In this course, users will explore the various types of ethical issues that may emerge in both the writing and publishing processes. Besides many other topics, users will learn a set of strategies to ensure the availability and integrity of their data. They will explore the technical details of how to gain permissions for the ethical reuse of material, as well as how to navigate author lists and declarations (e.g. conflict of interest). Users will also be guided on ethics after submission (i.e., how to address corrections and retractions fairly).

“Research Integrity: Publication Ethics” was carefully developed with an international team of renowned experts and Nature Portfolio journal Editors with extensive knowledge of the nuances of ethics in research. The course is set to equip researchers with systematic knowledge on ethical considerations to look out for at each stage of the publication process, from writing a paper, all the way to navigating the processes after submission. The course is for anyone who would like to refine their knowledge of ethics - all are welcome regardless of the stage of their research career. 

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