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Volume 629 Issue 8014, 30 May 2024

Vision mixing

The diverse, dynamic and unpredictable nature of the real world poses challenges for image sensors. In this week’s issue, Luping Shi and colleagues present a vision chip inspired by the human visual system. Dubbed Tianmouc, the chip parses visual information into primitive representations and then uses two complementary vision pathways — one for cognition-related processing and one for action-related processing — to parse the representations to understand the scene. The cognition processing deals with colour and intensity with high spatial resolution and high precision, while the action processing accounts for spatial and temporal differences with high speed. The researchers successfully tested their chip in an autonomous car, where it achieved robust perception even for challenging issues on the open road.

Cover image: Tsinghua University

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  • News & Views

    • Certain neurons encode memories of events that occurred in specific physical locations known as place fields. Chickadees show patterns of neuronal activity that are specific to locations of hidden food but independent of place fields.

      • Margaret M. Donahue
      • Laura Lee Colgin
      News & Views
    • Both parents of oldfield mice care for offspring, whereas in deer mice, mothers usually care for pups. The discovery of a type of adrenal-gland cell that is present in oldfield mice but not in deer mice helps to explain the difference.

      • Jessica Tollkuhn
      News & Views
    • Cement can be reused by including it as a component of steel recycling. This opens the way to an industrial partnership that improves the use of materials and lowers carbon emissions — but only if waste resources are well managed.

      • Sabbie A. Miller
      News & Views
    • Artificial neural networks that model the visual system of a male fruit fly can accurately predict the insect’s behaviour in response to seeing a potential mate — paving the way for the building of more complex models of brain circuits.

      • Pavan Ramdya
      News & Views
  • Articles

    • Observations from the Lucy spacecraft of the small main-belt asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh reveals unexpected complexity, with a longitudinal trough and equatorial ridge, as well as the discovery of the first contact binary satellite.

      • Harold F. Levison
      • Simone Marchi
      • Yifan Zhao
      Article Open Access
    • We report on a method for inducing uncontaminated and precise inhomogeneous strain in nanoscale silicon ribbons and its use for determining physical effects in these strained materials, in particular, an increase in the range and control of thermal conductivity.

      • Lin Yang
      • Shengying Yue
      • Peng Gao
    • Inspired by the human visual system, a vision chip with primitive-based complementary pathways is developed to overcome the power and bandwidth wall of vision systems, achieving fast, precise, robust and high-dynamic-range sensing efficiently in the open world.

      • Zheyu Yang
      • Taoyi Wang
      • Luping Shi
    • Use of a 20 frames per second (fps) RGB camera plus an event camera can achieve the same latency as a 5,000-fps camera with the bandwidth of a 45-fps camera without compromising accuracy.

      • Daniel Gehrig
      • Davide Scaramuzza
      Article Open Access
    • Stretchable radio-frequency electronics based on a dielectro-elastic elastomer is demonstrated to be capable of completely maintaining operating frequencies unaffected by strain and shows superior electrical, mechanical and thermal properties compared with conventional stretchable substrate materials.

      • Sun Hong Kim
      • Abdul Basir
      • Yei Hwan Jung
    • Recovered cement paste can be reclinkered if used as a partial substitute for the lime–dolomite flux used in steel recycling, which can reduce waste and carbon emissions.

      • Cyrille F. Dunant
      • Shiju Joseph
      • Julian M. Allwood
      Article Open Access
    • Enhanced light–molecule interactions in high-finesse fibre-based Fabry–Pérot microcavities are used to detect and profile individual unlabelled solution-phase biomolecules, leading to potential applications in the life and chemical sciences.

      • Lisa-Maria Needham
      • Carlos Saavedra
      • Randall H. Goldsmith
    • Analysis of streamflow measurements from 1950 to 2020 across 3,049 snow-affected catchments over the Northern Hemisphere shows that seasonal streamflow occurs earlier in snow-heavy catchments but later in less snowy regions.

      • Juntai Han
      • Ziwei Liu
      • Yuting Yang
    • The adrenal gland of the oldfield mouse (Peromyscus polionotus) has a recently evolved cell type that promotes monogamous-typical parenting behaviour and is not present in closely related species.

      • Natalie Niepoth
      • Jennifer R. Merritt
      • Andres Bendesky
    • We carried out genomic and ecological analyses of all eight extant baobab species, providing insights into their evolutionary history and recommendations for conservation efforts.

      • Jun-Nan Wan
      • Sheng-Wei Wang
      • Qing-Feng Wang
      Article Open Access
    • A deep neural network with ‘knockout training’ is used to model sensorimotor transformations and neural perturbations of male Drosophila melanogaster during visually guided social behaviour and provides predictions and insights into relationships between stimuli, neurons and behaviour.

      • Benjamin R. Cowley
      • Adam J. Calhoun
      • Mala Murthy
      Article Open Access
    • Screening in Escherichia coli and biochemical experiments show that in Arabidopsis thaliana, OSCA2.1 and OSCA2.2 function as plant sensors of hypo-osmolarity, utilize Ca2+ oscillations as second messengers and have crucial roles in pollen germination.

      • Songyu Pei
      • Qi Tao
      • Fang Yuan
      Article Open Access
    • Unimolecular integration of NMDA receptor antagonism with GLP-1 receptor agonism effectively reverses obesity, hyperglycaemia and dyslipidaemia in rodent models of metabolic disease.

      • Jonas Petersen
      • Mette Q. Ludwig
      • Christoffer Clemmensen
      Article Open Access
    • The JAK2V617F mutation leads to epigenetic rewiring in a cell-intrinsic and cell-type-specific manner, influencing inflammation states and differentiation trajectories in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms.

      • Franco Izzo
      • Robert M. Myers
      • Dan A. Landau
    • An atlas of the substrate specificities for the human tyrosine kinome reveals diversity of motif specificities and enables identification of kinase–substrate relationships and kinase regulation in phosphoproteomics experiments.

      • Tomer M. Yaron-Barir
      • Brian A. Joughin
      • Jared L. Johnson
      Article Open Access
    • Time-resolved cryo-EM is used to capture structural transitions during G-protein activation stimulated by a G-protein-coupled receptor.

      • Makaía M. Papasergi-Scott
      • Guillermo Pérez-Hernández
      • Georgios Skiniotis
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  • A diagnosis of cancer still strikes fear into many people.

    Nature Outlook
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