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Volume 586 Issue 7828, 8 October 2020

Gut profiles

The cover image shows organoids grown from a mouse adult intestinal stem cell stained for differentiated and proliferating cells. Such organoids are increasingly being used to study organ development and physiology, as well as finding applications in testing new drugs. In this week’s issue, Prisca Liberali and her colleagues present an organoid-based screening platform, which they used to identify compounds that promote intestinal regeneration. By generating phenotypic fingerprints for hundreds of thousands of organoids, the researchers were able to map genetic interactions involved in cell fate and regeneration. They found that differentiation of the cells lining the gut relies on retinoic acid signalling, and that inhibiting a cell receptor for retinoic acid can improve intestinal regeneration.

Cover image: Ilya Lukonin

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  • News & Views

    • Electronic devices called inductors are hard to miniaturize because their effectiveness is proportional to their size. An approach based on quantum mechanics could overcome this issue, offering many potential applications.

      • Seonghoon Woo
      News & Views
    • Resident bacteria in the maternal gut are important for normal fetal brain development in mice. It emerges that this effect is driven by bacterially produced metabolite molecules that signal to the fetal brain.

      • Katherine R. Meckel
      • Drew D. Kiraly
      News & Views
    • Narrow rings and gaps have been seen in a particularly young disk of dust and gas around a nascent star, using the world’s most powerful radio telescope. The finding provides a potential glimpse of the earliest stages of planet formation.

      • Patrick Sheehan
      News & Views
  • Reviews

    • The current state of programmable photonic integrated circuits is discussed, including recent developments in their building blocks, circuit architectures, electronic control and programming strategies, as well as different application spaces.

      • Wim Bogaerts
      • Daniel Pérez
      • Andrea Melloni
      Review Article
    • The long-term success of area-based conservation—including both protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures—after 2020 will depend on governments securing adequate funding and prioritizing biodiversity in land, water and sea management.

      • Sean L. Maxwell
      • Victor Cazalis
      • James E. M. Watson
      Review Article
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