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Volume 584 Issue 7822, 27 August 2020

Under control

The epithelium of glandular tissue such as mammary and prostate glands consists of adjacent layers of luminal and basal cells. During development, stem cells in the basal layer contribute to the formation of both cellular layers, but in adults, these stem cells lose their multipotency. This loss can be reversed when there is damage to the tissue, allowing the basal stem cells to contribute to the restoration of both layers. In this issue, Cédric Blanpain and his colleagues show that the potency of basal stem cells is directly regulated by luminal cells secreting TNF proteins, which act as an inhibitor of basal stem cell multipotency. The cover image shows a mammary gland branch with basal cells (red) and luminal cells (green).

Cover image: Alessia Centonze.

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  • News & Views

    • A pheromone molecule that makes crop-damaging locusts swarm has been identified. Could this pheromone, which is sensed by odorant receptors, be used to trap these insects and prevent the agricultural devastation that they cause?

      • Leslie B. Vosshall
      News & Views
    • Tiny devices have been developed that can act as the legs of laser-controlled microrobots. The compatibility of these devices with microelectronics systems suggests a path to the mass manufacture of autonomous microrobots.

      • Allan M. Brooks
      • Michael S. Strano
      News & Views
    • New Guinea has the world’s richest island flora, according to the area’s first plant list catalogued by experts. Completing this list poses a formidable challenge that New Guineans are best placed to take up.

      • Vojtech Novotny
      • Kenneth Molem
      News & Views
    • Learning how immune cells target tumours is crucial for cancer immunotherapy. The finding that a type of dendritic cell activates two sorts of T cell and coordinates their crosstalk sheds light on immune responses to tumours.

      • Marianne Burbage
      • Sebastian Amigorena
      News & Views
  • Reviews

    • This Review explores the role of viscoelasticity of tissues and extracellular matrices in cell–matrix interactions and mechanotransduction and the potential utility of viscoelastic biomaterials in regenerative medicine.

      • Ovijit Chaudhuri
      • Justin Cooper-White
      • Vivek B. Shenoy
      Review Article
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  • The world’s leading consumer of coal also produces more wind energy than any other nation. Massive investment in renewables has created energy storage challenges which China’s scientists and engineers are now addressing as a key priority.

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