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Volume 577 Issue 7789, 9 January 2020

Unequal opportunities

Nutrition is a key determinant of childhood morbidity and mortality. Similarly, educational attainment is a critical determinant of child health. In this week’s issue, Simon Hay and his colleagues present two papers that offer high-resolution subnational mapping of child growth failure and educational attainment between 2000 and 2017 for around a hundred low- and middle-income countries, from Africa to the Middle East, Asia and South America. The researchers find that although there has been significant progress in both areas, considerable geographical inequalities remain in many countries. Although child potential is everywhere, opportunity is not.

Cover image: Anthony Asael/Art in all of Us/Getty

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    News & Views

  • News & Views |

    The slipperiness of ice is poorly understood at a microscopic level. Experiments that probe how the surface of ice melts and flows in response to wear help to explain the exceptionally low friction that underpins winter sports.

    • Daniel Bonn
  • News & Views |

    The brain fluctuates between different internal states, each of which drives particular behaviours. Brain-wide imaging reveals the internal states that help zebrafish larvae to choose between exploring and hunting.

    • Ethan Scott
  • News & Views |

    Astronomical signals called fast radio bursts remain enigmatic, but a key discovery has now been made. A second repeating fast radio burst has been traced to its host galaxy, and its home bears little resemblance to that of the first.

    • Matthew Bailes
  • Reviews

  • Review Article |

    This Review describes progress in the study of human genetics, in which rapid advances in technology, foundational genomic resources and analytical tools have contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms responsible for many rare and common diseases and to preventative and therapeutic strategies for many of these conditions.

    • Melina Claussnitzer
    • Judy H. Cho
    • Mark I. McCarthy


  • Articles

  • Article |

    The synthesis of surprisingly stable, free-standing single layers of amorphous carbon and their analysis by atomic-resolution imaging could settle a debate about their atomic arrangement and offer unusual electronics applications.

    • Chee-Tat Toh
    • Hongji Zhang
    • Barbaros Özyilmaz
  • Article |

    A growth process in which protons decouple graphene from the underlying substrate greatly reduces the number of wrinkles that usually degrade large graphene films grown by chemical vapour deposition.

    • Guowen Yuan
    • Dongjing Lin
    • Libo Gao
  • Article |

    A method of deposition of mixed-cation hybrid perovskite films as lattice-mismatched substrates for an α-FAPbI3 film is described, giving strains of up to 2.4 per cent while also stabilizing the metastable α-FAPbI3 phase for several hundred days.

    • Yimu Chen
    • Yusheng Lei
    • Sheng Xu
  • Article | | Open Access

    High-resolution subnational mapping of child growth failure indicators for 105 low- and middle-income countries between 2000 and 2017 shows that, despite considerable progress, substantial geographical inequalities still exist in some countries.

    • Damaris K. Kinyoki
    • Aaron E. Osgood-Zimmerman
    • Simon I. Hay
  • Article | | Open Access

    Analyses of the proportions of individuals who have completed key levels of schooling across all low- and middle-income countries from 2000 to 2017 reveal inequalities across countries as well as within populations.

    • Nicholas Graetz
    • Lauren Woyczynski
    • Simon I. Hay
  • Article |

    The jumbo phage ΦKZ constructs a proteinaceous nucleus-like compartment around its genome that protects phage DNA from degradation by DNA-targeting immune effectors of the host, including CRISPR–Cas and restriction enzymes.

    • Senén D. Mendoza
    • Eliza S. Nieweglowska
    • Joseph Bondy-Denomy
  • Article |

    Whole-exome sequencing of colon organoids derived from patients with ulcerative colitis identifies somatic mutations in components of the IL-17 signalling pathway, which may confer a growth advantage to cells under inflammatory conditions.

    • Kosaku Nanki
    • Masayuki Fujii
    • Toshiro Sato
  • Article |

    In patients with ulcerative colitis, chronic inflammation can lead to remodelling of the colorectal epithelium through positive selection of clones with mutations in genes related to IL-17 signalling, which, however, might be negatively selected during colitis-associated carcinogenesis.

    • Nobuyuki Kakiuchi
    • Kenichi Yoshida
    • Seishi Ogawa
  • Article |

    The MYST acetyltransferase HBO1 is a critical regulator in maintaining leukaemia stem cells, and a small-molecule inhibitor of HBO1 is developed that shows efficacy against a range of acute myeloid leukaemia cells.

    • Laura MacPherson
    • Juliana Anokye
    • Mark A. Dawson

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