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Volume 560 Issue 7720, 30 August 2018

Lean and green

The green revolution of the 1960s helped to boost agriculture through the creation of high-yield cereal crops. But these elite crops, known as green revolution varieties (GRVs), have a problem: they are poor at using nitrogen and so require high amounts of environmentally damaging fertilizer to reach their full potential. In this week’s issue, Xiangdong Fu and his colleagues reveal that boosting the activity of the protein GRF4 improves the plants’ nitrogen usage while maintaining their high yield. They suggest that applying this result in breeding strategies for GRVs could contribute to the drive for sustainable agriculture.

Cover image: Chanwity/Getty

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  • The possibilities are endless.

    • Judy Helfrich
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  • News & Views

    • Understanding how earthquakes interact is key to reliable earthquake forecasting. A machine-learning study reveals how the stress change induced by earthquakes at geological faults affects these interactions.

      • Gregory C. Beroza
      News & Views
    • Whole-genome sequencing reveals the duplication of a regulatory region, called an enhancer, of the AR gene in treatment-resistant human prostate cancers. The finding shows the importance of analysing non-protein-coding regions of DNA.

      • Kellie A. Cotter
      • Mark A. Rubin
      News & Views
    • Monkeys genetically engineered to lack the gene SIRT6 die a few hours after birth, displaying severe growth defects. This finding reveals a previously unknown role for the SIRT6 protein in primate development.

      • Shoshana Naiman
      • Haim Y. Cohen
      News & Views
    • The enzyme RNA polymerase II, which transcribes DNA, pauses early in transcription and awaits signals to continue. High-resolution structures reveal how it is stopped and efficiently restarted.

      • Karen Adelman
      • Telmo Henriques
      News & Views
    • The gravitational constant, G, which governs the strength of gravitational interactions, is hard to measure accurately. Two independent determinations of G have been made that have the smallest uncertainties so far.

      • Stephan Schlamminger
      News & Views
    • What Nature was saying 50 and 100 years ago.

      News & Views
    • Manipulation of the transcription factor OsGRF4 can improve the efficiency with which some high-yielding cereal crops use nitrogen. This discovery has implications for sustainable agriculture.

      • Fanmiao Wang
      • Makoto Matsuoka
      News & Views
  • Reviews

    • Subwavelength-grating metamaterial structures, their main operation principles and their implementation in integrated photonic devices are reviewed.

      • Pavel Cheben
      • Robert Halir
      • David R. Smith
      Review Article
    • The rapid development of cell culture and animal models has facilitated a new understanding of ZIKV biology and made it possible to generate multiple ZIKV vaccine candidates, which are advancing through clinical trials.

      • Theodore C. Pierson
      • Michael S. Diamond
      Review Article
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