Volume 441 Issue 7093, 1 June 2006



  • Editorial |

    Hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans last year, has thrust the link between climate change and extreme weather events onto the US political agenda.

  • Editorial |

    As Chinese research expands, who is looking out for faked results?

  • Editorial |

    Researchers have a duty to use the most humane means available of killing laboratory animals.

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  • News Feature |

    Scientists and policymakers are battling over whether global warming is making hurricanes more destructive. Alexandra Witze ventures into the heart of the storm.

    • Alexandra Witze
  • News Feature |

    Costa Rica's flagship conservation institute needs help. Can a new deal with industry save it? Rex Dalton investigates.

    • Rex Dalton
  • News Feature |

    Scientists say they gas mice and rats with carbon dioxide because it is humane. It's also simple, cheap and keeps their hands clean. Emma Marris analyses the final seconds of the lab rodents' life.

    • Emma Marris


  • Business |

    Germany's best-known stem-cell researcher is leading a charge to build up more commercial acumen on the nation's university campuses. Ned Stafford reports.


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  • News & Views |

    The Arctic is one of the sensitive pressure points for Earth's climate. A new sediment core reveals much more about the region's role in a long-term transition from ‘greenhouse’ to ‘icehouse’ conditions.

    • Heather M. Stoll
  • News & Views |

    HIV-1 replicates itself by integrating into its host cell's DNA. Studies in cell culture reveal that nuclear-membrane proteins aid engagement of the viral DNA with that of its host before integration.

    • Min Li
    •  & Robert Craigie
  • News & Views |

    The NFAT transcription factors activate the expression of many genes involved in the immune response and the development of a variety of tissues. They have now been implicated in Down's syndrome.

    • Charles J. Epstein
  • News & Views |

    It is in the public interest to keep Earth's climate on an even keel — the public, in this case, being all the world's population. Are you prepared to stake your own reputation on helping to improve matters?

    • Thomas Pfeiffer
    •  & Martin A. Nowak
  • News & Views |

    Given a holding material with sufficiently small and uniform pores, gaseous oxygen can be made to form regular one-dimensional chains. That gives unprecedented insight into the properties of confined gases.

    • Susumu Kitagawa

Brief Communication

  • Brief Communication |

    A subsidence map of the city offers insight into the failure of the levees during Hurricane Katrina.

    • Timothy H. Dixon
    • , Falk Amelung
    • , Alessandro Ferretti
    • , Fabrizio Novali
    • , Fabio Rocca
    • , Roy Dokka
    • , Giovanni Sella
    • , Sang-Wan Kim
    • , Shimon Wdowinski
    •  & Dean Whitman




  • Article |

    Analysis of Arctic Ocean sediment core spanning more than 50 million years identifies several key features of Arctic climate history — the revised timing of the earliest Arctic cooling events implied by this record coincides with those from Antarctica, supporting arguments that climate change is symmetric about the Earth's polar regions.

    • Kathryn Moran
    • , Jan Backman
    • , Henk Brinkhuis
    • , Steven C. Clemens
    • , Thomas Cronin
    • , Gerald R. Dickens
    • , Frédérique Eynaud
    • , Jérôme Gattacceca
    • , Martin Jakobsson
    • , Richard W. Jordan
    • , Michael Kaminski
    • , John King
    • , Nalan Koc
    • , Alexey Krylov
    • , Nahysa Martinez
    • , Jens Matthiessen
    • , David McInroy
    • , Theodore C. Moore
    • , Jonaotaro Onodera
    • , Matthew O'Regan
    • , Heiko Pälike
    • , Brice Rea
    • , Domenico Rio
    • , Tatsuhiko Sakamoto
    • , David C. Smith
    • , Ruediger Stein
    • , Kristen St John
    • , Itsuki Suto
    • , Noritoshi Suzuki
    • , Kozo Takahashi
    • , Mahito Watanabe
    • , Masanobu Yamamoto
    • , John Farrell
    • , Martin Frank
    • , Peter Kubik
    • , Wilfried Jokat
    •  & Yngve Kristoffersen

Brief Communications Arising


Special Report

  • Special Report |

    After years of quasi-colonial treatment from their European partners, local astronomers in Chile and South Africa are coming into their own. Dirk Steuerwald tracks the changing climate for the star-gazers of the south.

    • Dirk Steuerwald
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