Volume 407 Issue 6807, 26 October 2000


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Millennium Essay

  • Millennium Essay |

    The discovery of the stratosphere laid the foundations of geophysics.

    • Mott T. Greene


News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Sensations of pain have many causes, from tissue damage to sunburn. Several types of pain are sensed by a mechanism involving ATP — the chemical powerhouse of all cells.

    • Sean P. Cook
    •  & Edwin W. McCleskey
  • News & Views |

    Small objects in the Kuiper belt - a zone at the very edge of our Solar System - appear to come in two shades. The redder ones may be furthest from the Sun.

    • Brian G. Marsden
  • News & Views |

    Lissencephaly, or 'smooth brain', results when one copy of the LIS1 gene is mutated. The result may be that neurons fail to divide at the right time, in the right place, during development.

    • Amanda Tromans
  • News & Views |

    Although brightly coloured male birds tend to attract the females, being a drab lazuli bunting male has its territorial benefits. It seems that it is the intermediate males that lose out.

    • Tore Slagsvold
  • News & Views |

    Biological records of past climate - such as tree rings and reef corals - are providing a longer-term view of the weather; including the unusual patterns of El Niño.

    • Robert B. Dunbar
  • News & Views |

    Land plants such as cacti use a special photosynthetic route when CO2 is in short supply. It now seems that a marine microalga can also make use of this 'C4 pathway'.

    • Ulf Riebesell
  • News & Views |

    Carbon nanotubes have already been made into miniature diodes and transistors. A new method for making Y-shaped tubes may yield the first three-point junction made from a single molecule.

    • Liesbeth Venema

Brief Communication

  • Brief Communication |

    Insecticide resistance in mosquitoes can also interfere with developing parasites.

    • L. McCarroll
    • , M. G. Paton
    • , S. H. P. P. Karunaratne
    • , H. T. R. Jayasuryia
    • , K. S. P. Kalpage
    •  & J. Hemingway


  • Opinion |

    Scientists may escape the worst of the flak from Britain's BSE inquiry, but they ignore its lessons at their peril.


  • News |


    Princeton University has been awarded $15 million from the petrochemical company BP and $5 million from the car maker Ford to set up a project to study carbon sequestration and other possible solutions to the problem of global climate change.

    • Colin Macilwain
  • News |


    Researchers awarded postdoctoral fellowships under the Human Frontier Science Program to study abroad are to get financial incentives to return home when the grant expires.

    • Quirin Schiermeier
  • News |


    For what is believed to be the first time, charges of sex discrimination against a professor in a public university have been upheld by a Japanese district court.

    • Robert Triendl

News in Brief


News Feature

  • News Feature |

    Chemists are working to find alternatives to the noxious organic solvents that currently dominate their industry. As the leading candidates begin to hit the production plant, David Adam tests the atmosphere.

    • David Adam


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