Volume 384 Issue 6608, 5 December 1996


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    The collapse of the British government's attempts to privatize its observatories should not be the end of the story. But any future government must take heed of the lessons of a severe, and costly, embarrassment.

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    A biotechnology company is developing the non-informative press release into a fine art.


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    Isothermal titration calorimetry is a useful tool for the characterization of antibodies and antibody-related products, which uses heat as a detection medium, circumventing the problems associated with other analytical methods.

    • Jeff R. Livingstone
  • Product Review |

    Cell biologists gather for an annual international meeting in San Francisco this week and items on display may include a non-radioactive assay for cell proliferation, a personal confocal microscopy system or a mammalian expression system.

    • Brendan Horton


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