Volume 384 Issue 6607, 28 November 1996


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    A battle is raging between opponents and supporters of a proposed new treaty on database protection. A period of consultation is essential so that information users can properly assess the impact of the treaty.

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    The fate of Russian science has recently turned from drama to tragedy. Imaginative help from the West is much needed.


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    Germany's outdated system for promoting postdocs frustrates the career ambitions of many promising researchers. Worse still, it is preventing universities from competing as well as they should in the international science race.

    • Gerhard Neuweiler

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    This week Product Review covers items such as reagents for cell detachment and tissue dissociation, reverse transcription and liposomal transfection, as well as custom-synthesized oligonucleotide tubes and microplates.

    • Brendan Horton
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