Volume 384 Issue 6605, 14 November 1996


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    The potential abuses of genetic screening should not be exaggerated, but neither should they be ignored. Governments must ensure that private screening services operate responsibly. Careful oversight, even in a climate of deregulation, is essential.

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    A newly conceived association for science and society in Europe deserves antenatal support.


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    The anthropic principle has gained much popularity among cosmologists. But, faced with a need for historical explanation, biologists are bound to find it a cop-out.

    • John Maynard Smith
    •  & Eörs Szathmáry


  • Analysis |

    Closer integration between European research and the needs of society would have a positive effect on the development of Europe while helping to shape the future of its scientific communities. To promote those aims we intend to create 'Euroscience', an open association of all those interested in science and its consequences on society.

    • Françoise Praderie

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  • Product Review |

    Various new systems and reagents for neuroscientific study are featured this week, including a new drug delivery system for therapeutic agents, a receptor available for drug screening programmes and a vibrating ion probe system.

    • Brendan Horton
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