Volume 368 Issue 6470, 31 March 1994


  • Opinion |

    Disappointment among financiers about the slow pace of the West's recovery from recession is understandable, but they should not be so surprised; who but they are helping to reinvest the world's capital internationally?

  • Opinion |

    The European Union should pay attention to the research needs of smaller countries.

  • Opinion |

    Last week's outrage will at least give the United States a beneficent interest south of its border.




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Product Review

  • Product Review |

    New product developments to watch for include a whole chromosome painting system, a second-generation robotics system, a pocket-sized torch for use in the darkroom and two new gel documentation systems.

    • Diane Gershon

Employment Review

  • Employment Review |

    Many scientists find bench work unrewarding after some years spent in the laboratory and if there are no prospects of promotion— especially in the research environment — they may consider moving to a technical sales career.

    • Ann Pinn
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