Volume 368 Issue 6467, 10 March 1994


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    With the arrival of three new members to the European Union, universities could be the centrepiece of a common purpose providing Europe with cultural cement.

  • Opinion |

    The US Food and Drug Administration is thinking about defining cigarettes as drug "delivery devices".

  • Opinion |

    Tufts vets seek a middle ground between researchers and those who oppose using animals in science.




  • Commentary |

    In this article, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, explains the preparations for the organization's second assessment, to be published in September next year.

    • Bert Bolin

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Nature Genetics

  • Nature Genetics |

    A linkage map for of the cattle genome points to mechanisms of the reassortment of mammalian genes while a new technique raises questions about the structure of gene-starts in chromatin.

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