Volume 358 Issue 6388, 20 August 1992


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    Basic understanding of the Solar System is the poor relation in most space programmes, but the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration should promptly redress the balance by scrapping its planned space station.

  • Opinion |

    British enrolments in science courses are responding to market forces — and falling.

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    The Carnegie Commission would like to see better management of international environmental research.


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  • Product Review |

    A new strategy for sequencing oligosaccharides involves generating fragments at 'stop points' along the molecule using enzyme matrices.

    • Christopher Edge
    • , Raj Parekh
    • , Thomas Rademacher
    • , Mark Wormald
    •  & Raymond Dwek
  • Product Review |

    Next week's American Chemical Society meeting to be held in Washington, DC, USA will feature a collection of US patents on CD-ROM, a protein sequencer and software for the analysis of mass spectral data of proteins and peptides.

    • Diane Gershon
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