Volume 358 Issue 6387, 13 August 1992


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    An imaginative international research project, the Japanese-inspired Human Frontier Science Program, must not be allowed to founder because its managers wish it were something else and more conventional.

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    The world's diffidence at intervention in Bosnia is understandable, but should not be taken to extremes.

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    The space agency may be trying to do too much by trying to combine research with experimental technology



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  • Product Review |

    ImmunoDetection is a novel technique combining perfusion chromatography technology with antibodies to perform the steps of an immunoassay in a flow-through column format. Sensitive and precise measurements are performed in seconds to minutes using automated liquid chromatography instrumentation.

    • N. B. Afeyan
    • , N. F. Gordon
    •  & F. E. Regnier
  • Product Review |

    Featured this week — a compendium of immunological reagents, microplate analysis software and an in vitro cell culture system for the production of monoclonal antibodies, which provides an alternative to ascites production.

    • Diane Gershon


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