Volume 358 Issue 6386, 6 August 1992


  • Opinion |

    Settling Yugoslavia's tribal wars is an urgent need, but in the long run Europe must trade cultural diversity for economic development away from its agrarian roots.

  • Opinion |

    Not every day (worse luck) is the equivalent of a new research council magicked into being.

  • Opinion |

    British Telecom, the privatized British telephone mo-nopoly, is running out of numbers, but should not worry.


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Nature Genetics

  • Nature Genetics |

    Retroviral vectors for gene transfer experiments have their limitations — hence the attraction of using other viral vehicles to administer genes directly to affected organs.

    • Kevin Davies

Product Reviews

  • Product Review |

    The advent of 33P nucleotide triphosphates has widened the options available for labelling nucleic acids. Choosing the most appropriate label requires a careful consideration of experimental needs and circumstances.

    • Michael R. Evans
    •  & Christopher A. Read
  • Product Review |

    This midsummer selection features purified vitronectin, an intron-encoded endonuclease, transcription kits and an electronic animal ID system.

    • Diane Gershon
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