Volume 358 Issue 6385, 30 July 1992


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    There may be more to the new NIH strategy document than a mere projection of the past into the future, but it is a great misfortune that the document is so inward-looking.

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    The time has come to think again, and constructively, about plutonium as a nuclear fuel.

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    Governments, especially the British, should be more realistic about the ending of the recession.


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    Karl Popper's ideas have been the touchstone for judging science during much of this century. Here, in acknowledgement of his 90th birthday on 28 July, is a celebration of the man and his works.

    • Hermann Bondi


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Product Review

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    Featured this week — an ultra-low-noise patch-clamp amplifier, a 120-channel signal-stacking seismograph and alpha/beta liquid scintillation counters that feature automatic crossover optimization and ultra-low-level counting.

    • Diane Gershon

Employment Review

  • Employment Review |

    Increased awareness of the importance of the environment, accompanied by tighter legislation, has increased the number of jobs available in conservation, but has also made them highly prized.

    • Sandra MacPherson
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