Volume 358 Issue 6382, 9 July 1992


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    The failure of the US Congress to override the administration's veto of a bill to allow research with fetal tissue is a bad business, both for research and the civility of the coming election campaign.

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    Road-blocks are in the best French traditions, but this time deepen the shadow over the European enterprise.

  • Opinion |

    The London Zoological Society should either run its zoo with enthusiasm or hand over to others who would.



  • Commentary |

    The science museum in Florence has two telescopes and a single lens attributed to Galileo. Tests conducted with modern interferometric equipment show that Galileo was able to obtain nearly perfect optical quality.

    • Vincenzo Greco
    • , Giuseppe Molesini
    •  & Franco Quercioli


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    Scanning tunnelling microscopy and atomic force microscopy, one scanning the tunnelling current and the other the repulsive atomic force between sample and probe, can give high-quality surface topographies of proteins, which have been difficult to obtain by more conventional methods such as transmission electron microscopy.

    • Hideo Arakawa
    • , Kazuo Umemura
    •  & Atsushi Ikai
  • Product Review |

    New products featured this week include a gel designed specifically for the detection of point mutations and a nonradioactive assay for detecting HIV DMA.

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