Volume 357 Issue 6378, 11 June 1992


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    That Denmark should have thrown dust in the eyes of those working for a politically united Europe only illustrates the force of last week's argument that Europe needs ways of making decisions that command general respect.

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    A Tennessee court accepts that an eight-cell blastomere is not advanced enough to be considered a person.

  • Opinion |

    The prime minister of Norway, having popularized sustainable development, now wants world government.




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    Scientific fraud, much in the news recently, is not a new phenomenon. What follows is a personal account of a particular case.

    • E. J. R. Rossiter

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Product Review

  • Product Review |

    Oligonucleotide-immobilized plastic plates provide a rapid and easy-to-use tool for use in mRNA research, including the long-term storage, amplification and detection of the specific message, in vitro synthesis of both strands of sense and antisense mRNA, and ligation of cDNA to other DNA molecules.

    • Masato Mitsuhashi
    • , Cylia Keller
    •  & Tatsuo Akitaya
  • Product Review |

    What's new, what's hot? DNA sequencing tools for the Macintosh, a vector system for the selective cloning of exons and a handy hand-held scanner.

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