Volume 357 Issue 6375, 21 May 1992


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    The World Bank's annual report on development strategy shows its full commitment to environmental causes. When will that go so far as to link assistance with prudent population policies?

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    President George Bush has sided with industry against his own environmental chief on an air pollution issue.

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    The European Commission's proposals for a carbon tax are only a first approximation to what will be needed.

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    Blacks are underrepresented among graduate students in the United States. Why should this be?

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    Apparently the US EPA cannot agree with other agencies on the regualtory status of recombinant DNA.

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    A killer fungus from Washington State challenges benign Armillaria bulbosa for the title of world's largest mushroom.




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    The increasing diversity of new cell cultures is seriously stretching the capabilities of traditional methods of identification. DNA fingerprinting is set to play an important role in increasing confidence in the authenticity of cultures in research and industry.

    • Glyn N. Stacey
    • , Bryan J. Bolton
    •  & Alan Doyle
  • Product Review |

    Featured this week— new Microbial Strain Data Network developments, an artificial capillary cell culture system that is designed to simulate in vivo growth conditions and an anti-mycoplasmal antibiotic to add to your armoury.

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