Volume 356 Issue 6372, 30 April 1992


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    A new version of the old assertion that science affronts human dignity, published in Britain as a book, may herald an assault on basic science and its sources of support.

  • Opinion |

    US Academy offers strict definitions but ducks other urgent issues.

  • Opinion |

    Caution in celebrating last week's announcement of anisotropies in the microwave background would be wise.




  • Commentary |

    That science has become more difficult for nonspecialists to understand is a truth universally acknowledged. Here is a measure of the extent of the process.

    • Donald P. Hayes

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Product Review

  • Product Review |

    Over 900 exhibitors will be represented at Analytica '92, the 13th International Trade Fair for Biochemical and Instrumental Analysis to be held next week in Munich, Germany.

Employment Review

  • Employment Review |

    In spite of "the recession, there is still room in computing for recruits with practical minds and an interesting background. Working in the vacation will pay off.

    • Michael Dempsey
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