Volume 348 Issue 6301, 6 December 1990


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    The British and Soviet governments are beset by problems of sovereignty, as it happens the obverse of each other. They (and other governments) should follow the dictum that national interests are but an amalgam of what people want.

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    The British government, embarrassed by the cost of health care, should devise a new strategy for research.

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    There is no immediate prospect that researchers will be sued for what they publish, but care is called for.



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    Roger Penrose has suggested that when we consider consciousness the usual physical rules for time may not apply. But that notion is based on a false interpretation of physiological observations.

    • Ian M. Glynn


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  • Product Review |

    Use of the SCID-hu mouse — an immunodeficient mouse transplanted with relevant organs of the human immune system — as a preclinical testing system for human therapeutics is discussed.

    • H. Kaneshima
    • , C. Baum
    • , B. Chen
    • , R. Namikawa
    • , H. Outzen
    • , L. Rabin
    • , A. Tsukamoto
    •  & J. M. McCune
  • Product Review |

    Next week's conference sponsored by the American Society for Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology/American Society for Cell Biology will be held in San Diego, California. Year-end products include a cDNAsynthesis kit and an image processing system that offers a more affordable approach to confocal microscopy.

    • Diane Gershon

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