Volume 333 Issue 6173, 9 June 1988


  • Opinion |

    Hoop-la arising from last week's summit meeting in Moscow should not elsewhere hide even more significant developments, of which the Soviet ambition to join GATT is the most striking.

  • Opinion |

    Legalizing hard drugs, but controlling them, could lessen the social evils of drug abuse.

  • Opinion |

    Blood is now being spilled differently in British universities, making institutions lop-sided.



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Book Review


  • AIDS |

    Researchers and public health officials involved in surveying and forecasting the course of the HIV epidemic require complete and unfiltered information from many sources. Governments should respond by establishing national HIV databases.

    • Scott P. Layne
    • , Thomas G. Marr
    • , Stirling A. Colgate
    • , James M. Hyman
    •  & E. Ann Stanley
  • AIDS |

    Pressure is mounting to relax the regulations on importation of chimpanzees for research. Such a policy is unnecessary and would deepen the plight of an already endangered species.

    • Alfred M. Prince
    • , Jan Moor-Jankowski
    • , Jorg W. Eichberg
    • , Huub Schellekens
    • , Rudolph F. Mauler
    • , Marc Girard
    •  & Jane Goodall
  • AIDS |

    Epidemiological data on the main determinants of the transmission potential of HIV-1 in specific at risk groups is slowly accumulating, but many uncertainties remain.

    • Roy M. Andersen
    •  & Robert M. May
  • AIDS |

    A number of problems still surround infection by the human immunodeficiency virus and the pathogenesis of AIDS. Solutions to the problems would provide valuable information for the development of antiviral therapy and a vaccine.

    • Jay A. Levy




Product Review

  • Product Review |

    Electromanipulation has long been used to form pores in cell membranes to transfect them with foreign DNA. Now, the technique has been extended to the preparation of hybridomas.

    • M. Glassy
  • Product Review |

    Techniques to tease tissues into growing in non-native environs will be the focus of the Tissue Culture Association meeting next week in Las Vegas, Nevada. A preview of the exhibits is below.

    • Carol Ezzell
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