Volume 333 Issue 6172, 2 June 1988


  • Opinion |

    Japan's environment agency altruistically advocates sacrifice on behalf of the global environment, but should instead be seeking the basis of common self-interest.

  • Opinion |

    Crypto-nuclear powers may be as dangerous as the genuine article.

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    Extra money is only a partial remedy for West Germany's universities.



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Product Review

  • Product Review |

    There are now three automated DNA sequencers on the market — from Du Pont, Applied Biosystems, and EG & G Biomolecular. Below each company tells why theirs is best.

    • Edward Chait
    • , Guy Page
    •  & Michael Hunkapiller
  • Product Review |

    Achema 88 — the international meeting on chemical engineering and biotechnology — takes place next week in Frankfurt, West Germany. Here is a sampling of the exhibits.

    • Carol Ezzell

Employment Review

  • Employment Review |

    Industrial application of recent advances in ceramics technology will require adaptable staff with first degrees in a variety of scientific subjects, rather than highly specialized personnel with higher degrees.

    • Richard Pearson
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