Volume 323 Issue 6089, 16 October 1986


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    The collapse of the Reykjavik pre-summit at the weekend is mystifying, explicable only if both sides stood unreasonably on principles that could not have mattered.

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    The 1986 Tax Reform Act will make the United States even more a magnet to technical people.



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    Britain is falling behind the major industrialized countries in its investment in academic and related research, which may explain the nation's declining contribution to world science.

    • John Irvine
    •  & Ben R. Martin




Product Reviews

  • Product Review |

    Interactive computer graphics designed for protein crystallography has also helped visualize a 5,000-year-old excavation site in three dimensions. Tomorrow's archaeologists stand to benefit from this marriage of the very old and the very new.

    • B.S. Ottaway
    • , L. Sawyer
    •  & A. Miller
  • Product Review |

    At the end of October, over 300 companies will convene in Tokyo for the 21st scientific instrument show. Below are some of the top exhibits.

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