Volume 256 Issue 5519, 21 August 1975



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    To explore one important facet of the visible tip of the iceberg of Chinese science, S. Dedijer and B. Billgren ask: what was the effect of the Cultural Revolution on Scientia Sinica, the principal journal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences? How and to what extent has politics caused it to depart from the international scientific tradition?

    • S. Dedijer
    •  & B. Billgren
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    Though a thorough study of the barefoot doctor system has yet to be carried out, there is no doubt that it represents the first successful, largescale attempt at the delivery of total health care in a developing country cut off from Western civilisation. Alexander Dorozynski discusses the system by which, in the space of a few years, China has managed singlehandededly both to overcome chronic malnutrition and to bring under control most of the epidemic diseases which have plagued it in the past.

    • Alexander Dorozynski

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