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  • During protein synthesis, mistakes in adding amino acids to the growing polypeptide chain are usually prevented. If they are not, a quality-control mechanism ensures premature termination of erroneous sequences.

    • Kurt Fredrick
    • Michael Ibba
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  • How low-mass stars produce their ubiquitous magnetic fields has long puzzled astronomers. Models of how Earth accomplishes this task could hold the key to understanding the phenomenon on such stars.

    • Christopher M. Johns-Krull
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  • Not only is the aromatase enzyme implicated in a common form of breast cancer, but it also catalyses an unusual biochemical reaction. Its crystal structure therefore offers both practical and fundamental insights.

    • Michael R. Waterman
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  • Many organic syntheses are target-oriented — each multi-step route is designed to make just one compound. But now a diversity-oriented synthesis can make 80 different molecular skeletons in just a few steps.

    • Stuart L. Schreiber
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  • Epilepsy is characterized by repetitive seizures due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Immune cells promote development of this disorder by mediating the breakdown of the blood–brain barrier.

    • Richard M. Ransohoff
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  • The experimental verification that a bizarre quantum effect — the Casimir force — can manifest itself in its repulsive form is pivotal not only for fundamental physics but also for nanotechnology.

    • Steve K. Lamoreaux
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